What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Industry solutions of  SharePoint

Social Intranet

Make your intranet social in few clicks

Now you can add Facebook feed on your intranet page. Hide cover, facepile, call to action or make the header small – you have full control on how to show this on your Intranet.


Add Twitter feed on your page just in few clicks. For the dark pages you can use an option called “Dark theme” to match your design

Show the most important instagram posts in your intranet page without any limitations.



                          Check a few of the sample layouts below. 

Retail Operations

Retailers operate in a fast-paced environment, one where providing a consistent brand experience is critical. We can design a customized retail portal that will help corporate employees as well as your sale associates and store managers to stay informed about new products, upcoming promotions, corporate policies and procedures. Find below some snapshots for the retail sector.

Legal Intranet

SharePoint is perfectly suited for the legal industry, as it allows to easily store documents in the cloud and be able to access them from outside of the office (i.e., courtroom). Additional SharePoint features, like versioning and metadata, allow for a very robust management of legal documents, court or client correspondence.


SharePoint enables airline headquarters to centralize, structure and classify large volumes of documents for crew, including relevant operational instructions, aircraft manuals, memos, HR documents and training videos


It provides the right way a way to distribute the right content to the right tablets for offline access. During flights, for instance, crew devices must be switched to ‘airplane’ mode. Therefore It offers the flight directors uninterrupted, easy access to information, even when offline.

Information Technology

The IT Team Workspace SharePoint 2013 template helps IT teams manage the development, deployment and support of software projects, tracking of bugs and provides functionality to help simplify the management of IT helpdesks. To help manage projects, the application template allows users to update information on projects, tasks, issues and milestones. Bugs are more easily managed by providing the capability for end users to enter bug report information. These reported bugs can then be assigned by the IT team to the correct developer. The template also includes help desk functionality, making it easy for team members to guide service requests from initiation to resolution. Role based dashboards provide relevant information to team members, such as unassigned tasks and performance history. This application template is a combination of three separately available templates: Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects, Bug Database and Help Desk.


The education industry has embraced technology to improve collaboration. Connecting administration personnel, teachers and engaging student and parents efficiently is central to an effective communication channel.

Within educational institutions, communicating and managing the vast range of documents and correspondence, spanning from finance, HR, curriculum development, teaching resources and student files is a necessity.


                          Check a few of the sample layouts below. 


Organizations in retail, travel & logistics industries are continuously addressing requirements of their customers who include shoppers, travelers, transportation companies, warehouses and more. Shoppers would like to know the product details before buying, while travelers need enough information on their itinerary and bookings to make sure that their vacation is hassle free. Logistics industry consists of disparate systems of transport companies, warehouses, inventories that need to be collated efficiently. These increasing demands pose a challenge to the companies as they try to provide accurate information to these users in real-time.