Medical Process Automation

Why improve Medical processes?

With the healthcare industry continually looking to cut costs and waste and improve efficiency and throughput, automation of manual tasks can be an important part of a strategy for performance improvement.

Specialization Management

Patient Management

Manage unique drug codes, diagnosis, surgeries & procedures according to doctors and their specialization

Manage Patient Registrations, Appointments, Medical Diagnosis, Prescription, Lab Results, Nurse Station Unit all together.

Online Claims Settlement

Send claims online to medical insurance companies for e-clearing facility. Get claims honored in real time. Improve and expedite your collections, bring bad debts to zero.

Accounting and Finance Module

All patient transactions directly posted to relevant ledgers-in real time. View MIS, cash flow reports and VAT report directly. Drill down from Balance sheet up to sales entry

Document Management

Attach all reports and important tests to a digital patient file. In an emergency, locate patient records in minutes using in built filing system.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels; re-order levels, expiry dates of all drugs and consumables

Real time reports

35 Reports available off the shelf to give you bird’s eye view of different functions, like patient visits, collections made, diagnosis, claims pending etc.

Secure Access

Role based access, patient’s confidential records accessible only to authorized persons. Similarly financial details are available only to sanctioned users.