Escalation and Complaints Management

Sales Process Automation

When you liberate your sales team from boring and repetitive tasks, they are free to focus on the things that add value to the business and move it forward. 

Whether it's responding to new prospects, getting discounts approved, or confirming appointments, automation will make your sales teams more effective.   Check out some of the automation process below.

Why improve Sales processes?

Complaint Management

Our Customer Complaints Management Systems are designed to automate the Customer Complaints Management process in any organization. A Customer Complaints Management Software system is the crux of any quality and compliance process. It is a regulatory requirement that local/global regulatory inspectors and ISO auditors consider critical. An automated Customer Complaints Management system reduces audit time and findings, and a decreases risk of product recalls. It improves product quality and safety, increases customer satisfaction, and ensures ISO compliance.

Benefits of Complaint Handling Automation

  • Streamline complaint management operations and reduce costs by improving response and closure times.

  • Implement a global approach to complaint handling with multi-site usage, multilingual capabilities, regional reporting requirements and unlimited security levels.

  • Protect brand reputation and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that complaints are investigated and responded to in a timely manner.

  • Automate the process of assigning complaints and related investigations based on manufacturing or service location and product type.

  • Further develop management of the complaint lifecycle with real-time trending and escalation of potential safety issues.  

Refund/return Management

When a customer chooses to return a product, the reason they are doing so isn’t really important. What is important is that you delight them with awesome communication and efficient and clear steps in the process. Our automated process is integrated into the CRM and is often kicked off and managed through the support / case management area. This allows us the ability to easily track recurring issues over time and provide strategic insights through dashboard analytics.

Key Features

  • Quickly identify service return logistics, acquire authorization and process shipments

  • Track repair tasks, turnaround, time, labor, parts and cost

  • Customers & third-party repair vendors can track items anywhere in the process using secure Web portals

  • Automated alerts to crucial events and status changes

  • Standardize each step of the repair process and measure standard hours vs. actual hours vs. billable hours

  • Delegate work efficiently based on capacity, specialization and schedule

  • Automate technicians’ workload

  • Enable technicians to troubleshoot the product, review similar cases, replace a part, log repair time, change the unit’s revision, reassign the unit to another technician, and move the unit to another inventory location

Sales Management

Our sales management solutions are available both in cloud and as self hosted options that you can deploy on premise. It supports full sales cycle from lead to deal, helping you generate leads, push them through the sales funnel, convert to paying clients and then repeat customers. The system has over 20 free tools, including lead management, sales performance tracking and pipeline management for multiple sales pipelines or sales funnels. Quotes, invoices, email marketing, telemarketing, sales automation, tasks, projects, document management are available to you free of charge as well. Contact us now to see why Bitrix24 is the world's leading free sales management platform used by over 1.5 million companies with raving reviews. The key features are as below:


  • Email marketing

  • Call center & IVR (inbound calls, outbound calls, call recording)

  • Quotes and invoices

  • Automate lead distribution

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


The CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. Bitrix24's CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored. All new events (phone calls, messages, meetings) connected with a contact or company are easily logged and further interaction can be planned, including by using integrated tasks.

The CRM contains instruments to create reports, import/export contacts, carry out analysis, and to perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed. Incoming contacts or leads can be divided among sales managers, marketing campaigns can be analyzed, and access permission to any deal or lead can be varied depending on its status or other parameters.

Following are the other major features available:

  • Reports and Sales Funnels

  • CRM Dashboards

  • Mobile CRM

  • Emails to clients

  • Calls to clients

  • Access Rights and Roles in CRM

  • Marketing Automation